DIY Summer Inspired Starbucks Drinks!


Ever wanted to make your very own starbucks right at home!? lol so for today I wanted to show you guys a quick tutorial on how to make some refreshing drinks perfect for the summer time! Although it sounds hard to make, it is actualy really really easy! okay so now lets get started


► Passion Tea Concentrate: Target
► Water
►Raspberry Syrup: Smart and Final
► Lemonade

► Green Tea
►Simple Syrup
►Lime Juice

alright so first lets get into the passion tea lemonade! ll

step one —

Okay so to start off take equal parts of your passion tea and water and just pour it in – onto a cup/blender. It really doesn’t matter how much of this you need, it just depends on how much of the lemonade in general you’re gonna end up drinking.

(**just make sure that you take equal parts of those two ingredients to make it even – just so that the tea will actually taste good**)

fyi: for me i just took about 6 ounces of both of those ingredients.

step two —

Then I just added some lemonade onto the mixture. This step is optional but if you want a bit more of that lemony taste then you could just add in how ever much you want. For me, i just added in a drop of lemon, but it just depends on your taste!


step three —

Lastly for step three I just took some of the rasberry flavored syrup and just poured it in. I added about 2-3 tablespoons of that but you could really just taste it and kind of see it from there.

Anyway, after you have done that, add some ice to all of those ingredients, shake it together, and you are done! Easy right!?

alsoooo – if you want, can even add some sugar or rasberries into this drink! it tastes just as good!! yumm!


Now onto the lime refresher!

This drink tasted sooo  good in the original one so i was super excited to make my own drink that tasted just like this!!


you will need:

green tea, simple syrup, lime juice, and lime

step one —

Starting off, take 2 cups of hot water and just make yourself some green tea using the packet.

step two —

After that, take some simple syrup and pour that in.

step three — (optional!)

Next, you can just take some lime juice and pour that into the mixture.

(hint: just don’t add in too much of the lime juice because next step is to go ahead and add in about two cut up pieces of lime to act as an infusion – which btw tastes really really good!)

step four —

 Lastly just shake it all up in a lidded cup and pour it into your glass and your done! ❤

All together I think both of these delicious DIYs ended up tasting soo soo amazingg! They tasted really good and the best part was that it was super easy to make!


let me know in the comments below if you ever made your own drink at home?!


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